Find these and more Downloads on the Downloads Page, where you will also find articles references, operating system requirements and categories. Just as any major software update, macOS Big Sur might be misbehaving on your Mac. This starts the SMB service. I installed smbup and it was working until this morning when it kept giving me a jsone error and crashing. But entering a password is annoying if there is no need for it. Since I’m assuming a simple share, I’ve used my own user account, but you could of course create an account specifically for this purpose. Mac OS X SMB Fix, or How to install SMBUp, ConnectMeNow v3 – Mount Network Shares Quick and Easy on a Mac, MacOS X – How to take Screenshots and add Annotations, Quickly connect Network shares on a Mac with ConnectMeNow, High-Speed Data Transfers between two Macs with Thunderbolt, How to record the screen of your iOS device in Mac OS X, MacOS X – How to add Facebook Chat to Messages …, How to Format the Apple USB Restore stick …, Create an installation disk (USB or DVD) for MacOS X, MacOS X – How to remove pre-installed applications, //, //, trouble shooting connection issues with Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, iTools - Copy video to iOS device without iTunes, Couch Potato, Sick Beard, SABnzbd tips & tricks, MacOS X - Music or Movie as iPhone Ringtone, MacOSX - WALTR - Get Media to iOS without iTunes, Windows - Music or Movie as iPhone Ringtone, Windows - WALTR - Get Media to iOS without iTunes, How to create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate, How to Flush your local DNS (Mac, Windows, Linux), Windows 10 – Testing applications safely in Windows sandbox, Trim, Crop and Rotate Video with Handbrake, Getting started with the ESP8266 as an Arduino replacement. so it works very well. Will any of this help, or i ma missing a step somewhere? I am trying to get access to some international channels for my grandparents, however, the specific channels instruct me to download a zip file. There’s no need to open SMBUp unless you want to do changes, start/stop the service or check the status. For both business and pleasure. Support quite a few formats as well. I’m just using 2 QNAP’s, an 8 bay (RAID6, 8x3Tb) and a 5 bay (RAID5, 5x4Tb) to mirror.I’m curious about the SSD for caching … that does sound interesting, but I assume I’d have to get a bigger QNAP for that? Beta version for ConnectMeNow - introducing a helper tool, fixed wrong name in plist, fixed Big Sur icon. My Fire TV stick kodi works great now with my mac shares. In the link is a picture. share a directory or drive on your Mac with other devices, click the padlock in the upper left corner, select the drive or folder you’d like to share, qr4jlaulcuwnjkzr39sz6tgv2dgtgrkdsgs9sgwwxp. A better trick would be to actually install Samba 3.0, after all it’s freely available, and should run on a Mac. ATTENTION: deselect ALL and then select ALL. Test the speed of your Internet connection (does NOT require Flash!!! With each version of MacOS certain new limitations will be imposed. In short, I build stuff. Virtual and physical. I am setting an iMac to be a file server for Kodi at home and SMB has been a nightmare. Make the change temporary (without rebooting): To make the change permanent (requires reboot): The Mac laptop that was struggling I had tried multiple known fixes before this: Your email address will not be published. However, they are not. Not sure why i can access this one drive but no these other two… I’m wondering if I have to remove the shared drives from the native Sharing preference on my machine? SMBUp seemed to install ok and i finally managed to ad share only user. I will try to reinstall OSX Yosemite. I upgraded to Sierra on Friday and SMBUp has carried on working without any issue. Maybe after a few attempts it simply decides to call it the day and ignore it as of then. Simply open up your finder and look for your … I was downloading the zip files from Safari, which automatically opened the zip, which left me with the folder. For enabling SMB windows file sharing, you need to change the password of your local account on your Mac and NOT the iCloud password: ‘. Nice to hear that this short article was helpful for you, and thank you for taking the effort to leave a feedback, it’s much appreciated! Thanks for taking the time to post a nice feedback Jim! As of this writing 1.4.1 seems to be the most recent one. Thanks Constable Odo for posting your findings. C’est dans les notes de version de Server 4.0 qu’Apple a caché qu’OS X Yosemite utilisait le protocole de partage de fichiers SMB 3. I’d look into that first. You deleted all users and only have the user “Guest” available? This worked like a charm on Mac OSX Yosemite 10.10.3. Now it;s working. Let’s see if I can give a helping hand. As a developer of other applications, I have noticed that Apple is making it more and more difficult (and significantly less fun) for developers. File sharing, like any other feature in Windows 10, depends on certain services to run properly. But… the videos stop at some point and the start again, but then they stop again, and for good. Thank you so much for your help thus far, now we can enjoy our international channels! Keep in mind that a donation is much appreciated by the developer …. Solution 1: Make Sure Certain Services are Running Properly. The FAQ contains steps to create one of these “Sharing-only users”. Posted on 2019-01-12 by guenni On January 12, 2019, Microsoft released a fix for affected Windows 7 systems to fix the issue caused by the January 2019 update when accessing network shares. In this article, we’ll describe all reported macOS 11 issues and the ways to fix them. You can also sponsor us through these Amazon offerings: ©2000-2020 Hans Luijten - / may not be reproduced without explicit permission of the author(s).You can contact us through the "Contact Us" form.Linking to our page(s) however is very much appreciated. Just used your straight forward instructions to get my wdtv to share files from my mac, simple and worked first time, a rare event for me, fantastic, thank you very much, so happy right now. Never tried it to connect to a Mac though – but; Apple is dropping APF in favor of SMB, so I hope tools like SMBup will be something of the past real soon. Any insight you can offer would be greatly appreciated. 10/29/2020; 9 minutes de lecture; D; o; Dans cet article. Click “Manage Users” and select the user you’d like to add. I was making changing to the share (checking off READ and GUEST) without unlocking the lock. Everyone just repeats the same none working fixes. Next thing I did, which is optional, was to enter a name in the “Name” field that made sense to me. Keep in mind that at the time of this writing, SMBUp is mainly aimed at getting a SMB server going – i.e. I plan on sharing the folder between both Mac and Windows so I checked both servers but you can enable just SMB and it would work just as fine. I also have had that “not active” problem, but usually it was some glitch caused by disk permissions and I had to use various applications to fix the disk permissions if Disk Utility didn’t fix the problem. This is the 32 bit Windows version. If you’re going to give this a go, just be aware that it’s not a simple uninstall. SMBexception network access denied… that’s what it says, I tried to uninstal smbup and return my Mac Pro running OSX 10.85 to it’s original settings but now my mac doesn’t show up on my windows network like it did before…   I uninstal a few items and then uninstal all the items but still no luck…. Below are suggested parameters to use in smb.conf file of the Samba server to improve operability with Mac OS X clients. Right mouse button does not work, but the Delete button on the keyboard has worked! There are 135 comments. Probably saved me hours and a lot of banging my head against the wall. This is such a great app. From what you’re asking I understand that your iMac goes into sleep mode, even though you’ve set the “wake on LAN” option. Please report issues. I installed the new OSX and I can not access my files to see through Boxee Box and KODI. It’s more than worth it, and a habit I’ve seen work better in the Mac community than I ever did in the Windows community. install fine. Also worth a try to access the same shares from a different computer, running a different OS or a different OS version. The other option is through the Wake On LAN magic packet, which means that a very specific code is sent to the PC to wake it up. Once I implemented this fix I went from getting 10MB/s to getting over 500MB/s+ (both read & write) on my Mac laptop connected over Wifi. I guess though that prices for solutions appear lower to begin with … Like I said: a $1 donation per user would be very motivating to keep developing …, I just noticed that the link on your website is actually linking to your post hear instead of to the top of the page … maybe you could update it when you get around to it? unfortunately, I’m not the developer of SMBup. Thanking you in advance, and I really appreciate all your help. Greeting Roland. For one, I have only enabled SMB on my QNAP. So heres a quick Video on a Alternative Fix for SAMBA as you know SAMBA is broken in OS X/macOS. Click “Install Samba for me” and in the next windows “OK, help me install the software” and “Download & Install Package“. Tweaking4All uses cookies to ensure the best experience on our website. I haven’t used SMBUp in quite a while. (click … miniWol is a simple, but effective application to send Wake On LAN to network devices. I had processes running in the background, doing numerous tasks. Not sure which macOS version you’re running, but by default your Mac can connect to Samba shares (ie. This is the signed 64 bit MacOS version. Or . Waiting for 10 minutes seems a little excessive for retrieving a directory list.I have a QNAP NAS with and all directories, with the standard SMB in El Capitan, appear very quickly (over WiFi – over Ethernet it’s pretty much instant). 1) Your connection to the SMB server is slow. So a big thank you :). Freya, a.k.a. Thanks! Since I do not have such a setup (even though I’d love to have one), you might want to take a look at the SMBUp FAQ, specifically this section  – granted it’s not for a Ricoh (HP and Kyocera), but it might get you in the right direction to get it to work.The description for Kyocera seems (at a glance) to be the best of those, where they describe SMBUp specifics. ), My home town ... Ulvenhout in the Netherlands (Noord Brabant). unfortunately, I have not tested SMBup with macOS Sierra (10.12.x) – I assume that’s the macOS version you’re referring to? Avoid lengthy names, special characters and spaces! One thing I notice is the share folder keep disappearing from smbUP. I installed SMBUp hoping to solve the problem but is not successful. The issue would be, that if you’d write a file to such a combined share, that the computer/server would not know to which drive to write. why not automatically share? Many thanks for all your hard work with this, very much appreciated. If i add a user, it adds that user to all shared folders…. After selecting your drive or folder, you will see something like this: First thing you might notice is that the “Start” button seems disabled – and you’ll also notice that the padlock is locked again …. You might want to check out the website of the SMBup developer (link), there is a FAQ there and he might be able to confirm if SMBup works properly under Sierra. You’re most welcome when it comes to the donation reminder. […] the Mac instead of using Finder, editing nsmb.conf to set notify_off=true, specify a workgroup, replace Apple’s broken custom implementation of Smb client with Samba, use third party network configuration apps, connect the Apple to the AD domain, rollback to OSX […]. I’ve found PathFinder to be a little faster, but it comes with it’s own issues …. I disabled on both server and client and reconnected the share and restarted all services. Depends on what’s connecting and how. As for the app; it’s not something I’ve build, all thanks goes to Eduo! Go to settings, file manager.. That’s all I know. 3) Go to Terminal and remove 2 plist files: Hope this helps, and please let us know if you’ve got it to work properly again and what you did – others might benefit from it as well. Seems to me there might be something else not quite right.Of course you can give SMBUp a try, you can remove it later, but I’d first try to find what the real problem is. Please let us know which setting worked for you. I have been trying to hook up my Mede8er 3d media server for two days. I’m trying to picture what might be going on, so in both cases (Network and USB), you can see the share or folder where the file should be, but you cannot see the file? I never liked the performance of AFP and I have heard rumors that even Apple is abandoning it. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are OK with that. Interesting – I had forgotten about that feature. -Apple not only added SMB2 support into Lion and later, but seem to be promoting it as their preferred format (as Ex-FAT is being promoted vs FAT32). I assume you did checkout the SMBUp FAQ?I have found the developer to be pretty active, so you could post a question on his website, or I could try contacting him. I hope I understand this correctly; You downloaded a ZIP file for KODI, which needs to be installed on your KODI box (nVidia shield or Google Nexus Player). As far as I know the search function is disabled by default in Spotlight, but it can be turned on, but has to be turned on again each time you reboot or Log Off. This is a debug/beta version of ApplePi-Baker v2 and for testing purposes only! Note that some parameters may not work with your version of Samba - read the smb.conf and vfs_fruit man pages (on Linux) for your system. I looked around this AM and went to manager users. Once I follow your instructions on sharing a folder with the Kodi zip file I need, how on earth do I access this zip file from Kodi?